INYO350: Presentation - Indigenous Women Hike


INYO350 will hold its general meeting Thursday, November 15, 6:30 PM at the Owens Valley Paiute-Shoshone Cultural Center at 2300 W Line St. The Cultural Center and INYO350 are delighted to have Jolie Varela share her journey of the past year and a half, shepherding the Indigenous Women’s Hike from vision to reality. She will talk about building the organization, cultivating partnerships, hiking the John Muir Trail this summer, and how IWH is serving families throughout Payahuunadu.

Jolie will be joined by Antonio Caligiuri, who as health coach has been an invaluable ally throughout the process and will continue to provide wellness advice to build strong communities.

Locals Spotlight: AT&T Hello Lab "Your Name Isn't English"

Locals Spotlight: Locally raised woman Tazbah Rose Chavez’s project was recently selected to “bring to life” in the AT&T Hello Lab Mentorship Program. Her film (that she wrote and directed) “Your Name Isn’t English” features beautiful locations around the Eastern Sierra as well as local actors and actresses portraying her and her family living in a modern world while holding onto traditions of their ancestors.

The Mentorship Program is an AT&T Hello Lab initiative that connects emerging, multicultural and LGBTQ filmmakers with leaders in the entertainment industry to tell bold stories.

About the Director: Tazbah Rose Chavez

Tazbah is a Los Angeles-based multi-media artist working in the disciplines of film, music, performance poetry, and artistic direction. She is Nüümü (Paiute), Diné (Navajo), and San Carlos Apache, originally from the Bishop Paiute Reservation in Payahüünadü (Bishop, Ca). She wrote and directed her first film at age 16, “Composure,” a short experimental documentary combining film, music, and spoken word which went on to be showcased at film festivals internationally. Her most recent work as a writer and poet includes writing the script for Nike N7’s Dare to Rise for Equality campaign, and as the ongoing artistic director, writer, and producer for the B. Yellowtail fashion brand’s video marketing campaigns.

Check out Tazbah’s on Direct TV or online, click here.