Inyo County Sheriff: Seeking Information $10,000 REWARD

Inyo County (with authorization from the County Board of Supervisors) and the Sheriff’s Office are partnering to offer a $5,000 reward to anyone who provides credible information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the individual who is responsible for cutting and stabbing horses, and causing the fire at the Big Pine Saddle Club.  If you have information call: 760-878-0383


Please note: It is currently unknown if these attacks are related.

WARNING Graphic Images (Click thru images)

Monday, July 2, 2018 (1:30am)
Big Pine Saddle Club, Big Pine, CA: Arson, Theft and Animal Attacked 

Around 1:30am during routine patrol, Sheriff’s Deputies observed a vehicle on fire in an empty horse stall at the Big Pine Saddle Club. Big Pine Volunteer Fire Department responded and contained the fire. Preliminary assessments at the scene indicated that there were no injuries, no structures were lost, and no horses needed evacuation.

Once there was enough daylight to better examine the scene, Sheriff’s Deputies discovered that two sheds were broken into. The scene also revealed distinct footprints that led directly to the Big Pine Park men’s restroom. The restroom contained evidence that the suspect tried to light it on fire using toilet paper as fuel.

As the fire investigation proceeded, the Sheriff’s Office received notification that nine horses had been cut or stabbed at the Big Pine Saddle Club. Inyo County Animal Control was dispatched to the scene to assist. Three horses were transported for medical treatment; the other six sustained non-life threatening injuries and could be treated at the scene.

WEEK of July 2-July 8

There have been numerous animal attacks and random reports of cats and dogs being slashed in both the Big Pine and Bishop areas, unfortunately there are no official reports at this time.


Saturday, July 7 (1:50pm)
Vigilante Justice: Attack on Big Pine Paiute Reservation

Sunday around 1:50pm, Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a victim of an assault in Big Pine; according to the victim, the attacker referenced the Saddle Club incident as the reason for the attack. We ask that the public keep in mind that this is an open investigation. Vigilante justice is not only unacceptable, it is a crime – and vigilante justice only hinders the investigation. 
We cannot underscore enough that the best role that the public can play is as a reporter of relevant information and credible tips. The Sheriff’s Dispatch # 760-878-0383.

Sunday, July 8 (1:30pm)
Horse Slashed: Pa Ha and Diaz Lane, Bishop, CA

An additional horse has been reported slashed, this time the ear had been gashed.  The owner reported this happened around 12-1:30pm on Sunday, please report any suspicious behavior you may have witnessed in the area of Pa Ha and Diaz Lane.

If anyone has any information that can assist in this investigation please contact the Inyo County Sheriff’s Office at 760-878-0383.
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