Eastern Sierra Cancer Alliance PSA

The Eastern Sierra Cancer Alliance has a monthly Support Group that meets the First Tuesday of the month from 11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. at Northern Inyo Healthcare District’s Birch Street Annex, 2957 Birch St., Bishop. The group is open to all cancer patients and their support person. The Eastern Sierra Cancer Alliance Resource Center is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. Since its inception, this organization has helped many by providing resources, financial aid, and has given moral support for those fighting cancer. Anyone interested in volunteering or have questions about how Eastern Sierra Cancer Alliance can help, please call 760-872- 3811.

NIHD Board of Directors Seats New Members, Elects Officers

"November election winners Phil Hartz, Mary Mae Kilpatrick and Dr. John Ungersma took their seats as members of the Northern Inyo Healthcare District’s Board of Directors during Wednesday evening’s regular monthly NIHD Board meeting.

In keeping with state law, Hartz, Kilpatrick, and Ungersma were sworn into office Friday, Dec. 2. This past Wednesday marked the first board meeting since they took the oath of office. Each will serve a four-year term, ending in November 2020. They join MC Hubbard and Pete Watercott to complete the five-member governing board.

At the start of the meeting Dr. Flanigan, CEO of the District, congratulated each of the three newly elected members noting how pleased he is that the District had its first competitive election in a number of years. “In a competitive election candidates must articulate why he or she wants to serve and if elected what principles will be used to guide decision-making. This allows the voters to have a clear understanding and an expectation of what their elected representative will do.” He concluded with this is democracy at its best.

Phil Hartz won election as the Zone 2 director in November. Hartz is a retired social worker, counselor, and educator whose previous public service includes a term on the Inyo County Grand Jury.  

Mary Mae Kilpatrick, a retired Bishop Area educator and school administrator, stood for election as the Zone 4 representative after completing an 11-month appointment to the board. She was unopposed in the election.

Dr. Ungersma, a retired Naval officer and orthopedic surgeon, won re-election as the Zone 1 director. He was named state Healthcare District Trustee of the Year by the Association of California Healthcare Districts (ACHD) in 2015. 

After welcoming the new members, the directors elected the board’s 2016-2017 officers. The board named veteran director Watercott as President, Dr. Ungersma as Vice President, Hubbard as Board Secretary, Kilpatrick as Board Treasurer, and Hartz as the Member at Large.

Standard leadership training sessions will take the board into the New Year. In the coming weeks, the directors will receive updates on governing laws such as the state’s open meeting law known as the Brown Act and attend the annual ACHD leadership academy. District leaders will also refresh the board on the progress of NIHD’s Strategic Plan.

Established in 1946, the healthcare district covers Northern Inyo County from the Rovana/Mustang Mesa area in the north, down to the Fish Springs, Tinnemaha, and Aberdeen area in the south. Divided into five zones based on population, each zone elects a representative to the district’s governing board."

From the NIHD issued press release

Inyo Kindness Project

"The Inyo County Superintendent of Schools and Office of Education are kicking off a new county-wide One Million Acts of Kindness Campaign. Our goal is to shine a spot light on our students, staff, community members and partner organizations who display simple acts of kindness every day.  It is also our desire to encourage even more kindness, civility and caring as we strive to log One Million Acts of Kindness by the end of this school year.  We might even become known as Inyo County: Where Kindness Counts!

Kindness is an important character trait and when we behave in caring ways, the ripple effect is amazing.  One way to illustrate this is how a smile causes other smiles.  A smile can be infectious.  In the same way, acts of kindness can spread.  When one person holds the door open for another, that simple act of kindness is often repeated by the recipient and so on."

For more information, go to http://www.inyokindness.us


Please join Northern Inyo Healthcare District’s New Mom Support Group!

Share experiences. Gain support. Grow confidence.

We welcome all moms and babies, newborn to one year. We welcome all moms and babies at any stage of breastfeeding or bottle feeding. Sessions are FREE. NO RSVP required.

Every Tuesday, 10-11 a.m.

2957 Birch St. Annex, Bishop

Questions? Call 760-873-2191