Inyo Kindness Project

"The Inyo County Superintendent of Schools and Office of Education are kicking off a new county-wide One Million Acts of Kindness Campaign. Our goal is to shine a spot light on our students, staff, community members and partner organizations who display simple acts of kindness every day.  It is also our desire to encourage even more kindness, civility and caring as we strive to log One Million Acts of Kindness by the end of this school year.  We might even become known as Inyo County: Where Kindness Counts!

Kindness is an important character trait and when we behave in caring ways, the ripple effect is amazing.  One way to illustrate this is how a smile causes other smiles.  A smile can be infectious.  In the same way, acts of kindness can spread.  When one person holds the door open for another, that simple act of kindness is often repeated by the recipient and so on."

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