Mule Days: Tickets ON SALE NOW


2020 Pre-Sale Tickets

Mule Days will be offering Pre-Sale tickets again this year for the 2020 event. You will have the opportunity to reserve your EXACT SAME Reserve Grandstand, Reserve Concert and RV sites from this year.

If you would like to change RV sites or seats, you must wait until ticket sales open July 1, 2019. We will no longer have the February 1st ticket launch date.

Due to the popularity of pre-reserving RV spaces and tickets, the friendly Mule Days staff requests you:

  • Complete your reservation form prior to arriving at the Mule Days office. The office will be very crowded and have limited space to complete forms. Legible hand writing is greatly appreciated.´╗┐

  • Please bring your 2019 RV hang tag, concert and grandstand tickets with you. Reservations for the 2020 Mule Days can only be made for the exact same space and seat you have for this year. RV hang tags and tickets are verification of your 2019 RV spaces and seats and are crossed referenced with the ticket sales data base.

  • The Mule Days office is located on US 395 on the Fairgrounds and is generally open 9am to 4pm daily through Saturday. Please come early in the week to avoid long lines and give staff the opportunity to visit with you.

  • Pre-Sale closes without exception at 3pm on Saturday, May 25th.

  • Lock in your 2020 reservation with 2019 prices!

Brand new for the 2020 event will be year round ticket sales! After hearing our fan base over the last few years, Mule Days will now proudly offer all tickets including RV spaces available for sale on July 1, 2019. No more waiting up until Midnight on February 1st to place your orders. All RV spaces and tickets will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.

Please come to the Mule Days Office with your current RV hang-tag, Grandstand and Concert tickets with your completed reservation forms. We will start accepting reservations Sunday, May 19th at noon and the pre-sale closes Saturday, May 25th at 3:00pm. We will not accept pre-sales after Saturday.

´╗┐Call the Mule Days Office with any questions at 760-872-4263.