Watt's World: Accepting Change


Accepting Change

I am not afraid to admit I am terrified of change, I am so lucky to be surrounded by amazing people that have always loved and supported me. Now I am at a point in my life where things are changing faster than ever. These changes have all been happening for a while, through a lot of reflection and help from people. I am just beginning to acknowledge these changes, man of these changes involve friends moving away to pursue their dreams.

Due to many factors, I will be staying in town for a bit longer. At first, I was afraid to move on as my friends are, partially because I am so comfortable where I am right now. I did not see a problem with my life, I am now starting to view change in a different way. Change is undeniable, there is no stopping it. You can try your best to bury head in the sand, through this blog and many other things I have decided to embrace change. However, I am choosing to call it something different. Growth I have rediscovered my love for writing, I have decided to pursue it as a career. I am currently in the process of finding the writing I want to pursue, I have decided to start my own blog. It will have so many different thing, but most of all it will have me.

Change is inevitable, growth however isn’t life can be extremely scary. But at the end of the day you have to choices, you can either accept change and let it help you grow. Or you can deny it and stay stuck, I am choosing to follow my passion and choose growth. It will not be easy, “Rome wasn’t built in one day” and as my mom said “I’m still building mine.”


Thank you Andy for sharing your talents with us. We wish you nothing but the best on your journey.