Watt's World: The Man with No Name


The Man with no Name

I never planned on writing a blog about a man with no name, until I met one. This was originally going to a blog about a homeless man, however that all changed after I met him. Now I want to write about a man with no name, at least that is what he told me.

I have seen him walking up and down the streets of Bishop for as long as I can remember, he always had a backpack on and a bible in his hands. I became interested in his story after seeing him three times in the span of an afternoon. As I rode past him on my bike I realized I feel like I know him even though I’ve never said a word to him.

It was much harder to find him then I thought it would be, I spent an afternoon after a doctor’s appointment searching for him. When I finally found him things only got harder. He was sitting on a bench reading his bible out loud. I did not want to do or say anything to make him nervous, or maybe leave. I decided take the chance of asking what his favorite bible verse is. It took him a moment but he finally told me. I got lucky and it just so happens to be the same verse a friend sends to me when I’m having a rough time, Proverbs 3 verses 5 to 6.

We started talking and that was when I realized he hears voices. We would get into a conversation and he would suddenly start answering himself and then bring up something else. At one point he mentioned that he heard these voices and I didn’t know what to do. I felt something between shock and sadness. To me mental illness was something I only saw on TV or in movies, and here I was having a conversation with a man who hears voices. It did not make me think any different of him he was nice and even laughed at one point. We spent a few more minutes talking about the Bible.

I walked away from that conversation a better person, I could not tell you what forced him to live on the streets or how he gets by. What I can say is I hope one day to have my faith be as strong and unshakeable as the faith of the man with no name.