Watt's World: Catching up With a Friend


Catching up With a Friend

I wrote my very first blog about a guy named Carl, he was up here on vacation, and I was very interested on why he came here. When all his friends had gone to Mexico or Europe, we ended up spending a day together. We climbed explored, it was a big highlight of my summer last year. We were both going our separate ways, and I assumed I would never see him again. Well I was wrong, last week I got a call from him asking if I was still in town. I said yes, and we made plans to hang out and catch up. We spent a couple hours talking, he was happy I was still writing I was shocked he called me. He came up for the same exact reason last year, the valley offers so many different adventures.

It has been a very wet and cold winter, but as I explained to him that only means it will be an extra beautiful summer. Spending the short time I did with him, I was left with the same feeling I had the last time we hung out. A sense of adventure, and how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful place. Last summer I did things I never thought I would do, this summer I am challenging myself to do more. I believe in constantly reinventing myself, and challenging myself. What better time to do it than spring and summer?

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thank you.