Watt's World: Lives of Service


Lives of Service

It takes a special type of person to join the military. Not only are you putting your entire life on hold, but you are also putting everything at risk, to protect those of us who aren’t. The whole idea has always been so amazingly beautiful to me. The fact that there are thousands of people out there I have never met willing to lay their lives down to protect me.

That thought truly hit me the other night when I was at the bowling alley getting ready to leave. A group of guys about my age walked in and I figured they were some college kids up for the fresh snow at the mountain. Not long into talking to them I found out that they were all Marines up here for training. I bought them all a drink, and we hung out talking about almost everything, from sports to love lives, we covered it all.

It stunned me to learn all three of them were either my age or just barely older. There they were so young yet ready and willing to do what needed to be done. They later decided to go down to the other bars and I decided to tag along. The more time I spent with them the more amazed I was. We played a couple games of pool and the end of the night was slowly getting closer. One by one they began leaving, before we knew it the night was over. I will probably never see them again but I will never forget what an honor it was to spend a few hours hanging out with a group of guys who are willing to protect all of us, no matter what it means to them.