UCCE Master Gardener: 2019 Training Class

You're Invited to Apply to Become a  UCCE Inyo and Mono Counties' Master Gardener


2019 Master Gardener Training Class

The Inyo and Mono Counties' Master Gardeners are looking for motivated people who enjoy gardening and want to learn more about gardening in the Owens Valley while expanding their knowledge of plants, botany, soils, pomology, pest management and horticulture. By becoming a Master Gardener, you are willing to share your knowledge of gardening by teaching others in the community how to garden. If you have a burning desire to learn more about gardening with a fun group who has like interests, then we want you on our team.

Class Plan: 2019 MG Training

Topic Schedule
1. Botany & Plant Science Feb. 20 to 28
2. Soils & Fertility Mar. 1 to 12
3. Horticulture Mar. 13 to 31
4. IPM Apr. 1 to 10
5. Landscape Plants Apr. 11 to 20
6. Irrigation Apr. 21 to 30
7. Vegetable Gardening May 1 to 14
8. Pomology May 15 to 31
9. Master Gardener Volunteer Skills Jun. 1 to 8
10. Specialty Topics including: Jun. 9 to 20 a. Turf b. Landscape design c. Houseplants d. Poisonous plants
11. Certification Exam Jun. 21 to 25 II.

Course Content
1. Labs (see schedule)
2. Independent: local and curated content hosted via eXtension.org via Moodle
3. MG Education and Interaction at General Meetings 4. Presentation Boards – Final Night III.

1. Online access, must be able to view video (can use office)
2. Attendance at labs, sessions
3. Complete presentation board and present it at graduation, 5 min.
4. Pass Final Exam with 70%

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Questions: Melissa Yeager at 760-873-7854 or melyeager@ucanr.edu or immg@ucanr.edu