AC Nutrition and Wellness: Seminar - Never Bonk Again


Never Bonk Again: Keto and Athletic Performance
Seminar + Q&A -- $10

When used strategically, a well-formulated nutrient-dense ketogenic diet can be a useful tool for athletes of all types of sports.

Topics covered include:
--General benefits of a ketogenic diet.
--Ketosis, energy metabolism, aerobic v. anaerobic training.
--How to ensure training and diet are working together.
--How to utilize keto and as a tool for improved performance.
--Strict v. cyclical keto -- which approach is right for you?
--Top tips for safe, enjoyable, and practical implementation.

Antonio Caligiuri is a certified health coach specializing in whole food nutrition, the ketogenic diet, gut health, and stress management. Outside of coaching, his passions include rock/alpine climbing, hiking, strength training, and community activism.