Karlie's Search and Rescue Activity Updates - January 27, 2019

Karlie’s Search and Rescue Activity Update: 1/27/2019



1. We'd like to thank the small teams of volunteers going out this last week on searches and volunteers still processing drone images.

2. Small group went out to Spark plug mines 1/26/2019 and on the west side of Highway 6 on 1/27/2019

3. There are no community ground searches scheduled, but anyone interested in helping to organize a search, or if you are aware of small groups you are encouraged to post it on this page.

4. Kammi Foote would like to thank you all for your continued efforts to support Karlie and her family. She will be away on a business trip to Washington, DC.

5. Please continue to keep Karlie and her family in your prayers and share Karlie's flyers on your social media pages and in your communities.

6. Again, please note that our volunteer effort is focused on Search and Rescue. This activity is in addition to Mono County Sheriff’s Office Investigation. All SAR activity is being shared with the Sheriff’s Office and if you have any tips or leads, please direct them to Deputy Scobie at (760) 932-7549 X 7.


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Karlie's Search and Rescue Activity Updates - The purpose is to inform people on a weekly basis about the search and rescue activities and any other relevant information for the general public. Additionally the intent is to assure people that many people are out looking for her every day - but not always in a public way. We invite anyone to share this information on other social media sites using the hashtag #KarlieSAR

It is also important to note that all Search and Rescue efforts are being shared with Law Enforcement. As a general reminder, any tips and leads should be sent directly to Deputy Scobie at the Mono County Sheriff's Office at (760) 932-7549 ext. 7 . We are respectful of Law Enforcement efforts and the standard protocol of not commenting on ongoing investigations. Should there be any updates from Law Enforcement, those will be shared here as well.

Thank you, everyone, for your dedication to finding Karlie and bringing her home--we are all volunteers in this together! Karlie is in our hearts and this community cares for her and her family.