Announcing The Gräzland Tales by local author Trevor Van Winkle

A Bold New Fantasy Epic Inspired by the Eastern Sierra

Local Author Trevor Van Winkle Self-Publishes First Novel

Mammoth Lakes, CA: Mammoth Lakes local Trevor Van Winkle is pleased to announce that his first novel, The Gräzland Tales, is now available through, a print-on-demand self-publishing service. The author hopes to make the book available at local bookstores in the next few weeks, and will make appearances at local events such as the Eastern Sierra Book Festival in the coming months. Inspired by the author’s history in the Eastern Sierra, the story is based on of an idea that began on a hike around Mammoth Rock nearly six years ago. 

The Gräzland Tales (pronounced “graze-land”) is a dark fantasy that seeks to subvert expectations of the genre. Written in a unique first-person style, it is presented as the journal of its main character. Originally a web-serial published over the four weeks of Advent and Christmas 2016, the final work is the product of two and a half years of writing, re-writing, and editing. It tells the story of a peasant farmer, chosen by the aging king to scatter the ashes of his only son. Due to political threats against the royal house, the prince’s death must be kept secret. As the farmer travels north, he discovers a series of legends that point to the dead prince as a mythic savior, and becomes entangled in a sinister plot by the church of the realm.

 “I love exploring genre tropes. Where do they come from? Why are so many authors drawn towards them?” asks author Trevor Van Winkle. “In the end, I created a story where the ‘chosen-one’ dies on page one. Imagine The Lord of the Rings if Aragorn died before Frodo left the Shire. How would the story change?” The novel, initially released in four parts throughout the calendar year, has earned many positive reviews.

  •  “Cleverly written and full of unexpected plot twists that will keep you guessing.” -Ami Lomas, review

  •  “The Gräzland Tales does not disappoint. A beautifully written and refreshing take on old world fantasy ideals with a few twists...” -Lauren Baker, review

  • “I highly recommend this book to anyone who may be looking to add an interesting and fun read to their list!” -Joshua Eccles, review (Book 1)

  • “An epic climax to a story that could only be considered epic in proportion.” -Anonymous review (Book 4)

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About the author:  Trevor Van Winkle was born in Littleton, CO, raised in Medford, OR, and currently resides in Mammoth Lakes, CA. He graduated from Biola University with a degree in Film Production in 2016. When he’s not writing, he’s running, hiking, or biking in the beautiful Eastern Sierra, or working for local nonprofits to help improve the quality of life in Mammoth Lakes through access to the arts, education, and public lands