Watt's World: Having Seizures to Stop Seizures


Having Seizures to Stop Seizures

When you break a bone, or tear a muscle, you move it around to make sure. It is a little harder to confirm something is wrong when it comes to your brain. In my case doctors do what is called an EEG. An EEG is a test where a whole bunch of wires are glued to my head to record my brain activity. Now here's the tricky part: they are looking for what my brain does during a seizure, which means I need to have a seizure in there for them to see.

That idea of needing to have seizures in order to stop having seizures is one I’m having trouble with. I want to have the surgery and hopefully help fix my seizures. With every seizure I have I lose a bit more independence, the most obvious is not being able to get my driver’s license. Maybe I will get lucky and these seizures will be the last ones I’ll ever have. After all, my dad did just win the 50/50 drawing at the Destruction Derby.