Tri-County Fairgrounds: Rope, Ride & Show your creative side


Four easy steps to enter your 2018 Tri-County Fair exhibit:

  1. DECIDE what you want to enter from the categories listed in the Exhibitor Guidebook. Fill out the entry form in the back of the Exhibitor Guidebook.
  2. REFER to the proper Exhibitor Guidebook page. Put the division and class number, along with the class name or title of item, in the appropriate space on the entry form. ONE ENTRY PER LINE PLEASE.
  3. RETURN your completed and signed entry form and entry fee to the Tri-County Fair Exhibit office between Monday August 13 to Saturday August 18.
  4. BRING your exhibits to the fair! Please make sure to check the Entry Receiving Schedule to find out when and where to drop off your exhibit entries.
  5.  If you have any questions, call the Exhibit Office (760) 872-1175

Click here for the Exhibitor Guidebook