Watt's World: The Power of a Friend


The Power of a Friend

When you first become friends with someone, it is impossible to realize the impact they will have on your life. That is the case with Rachel Turner and I. I don’t remember when we first became friends, but I do know I never thought we would remain as close as we still are. It is hard to maintain friendships in high school, and add to that the fact that I missed so much school due to my seizures. My junior year my seizures started to have much more of an impact on my daily life, I was missing a lot of school and missing out on opportunities to spend time with friends. There was still that core group of people who, no matter what was going on, I always spent time with. Rachel was one of those people, she is one of those people who has never allowed me to not do anything because it might be too hard.

The perfect example of that is when a group of us started playing volleyball after school. She played on the high school team and she went to another level when she stepped on that court. She wasn’t on that level when we all played together, but as soon as she started losing her competitive side came out really quickly. At first, I went just to hangout. I figured because of my arm I would not be able to play. That did not fly with Rachel, she was quick to push me to play and was there to figure out how we could make it work. That is exactly what we did, we found that way.

Fast forward to later that year when I was fundraising to get a service dog. Rachel was right there helping me and we would sit in class looking at possible dogs. We all have those people in our
life who play a huge role even if they don’t know it. Rachel Turner is one of those people. It is up to us to stop from time to time and tell that person how much they mean to us.