Watt's World: Retiring With Passion


Retiring With Passion

To some retirement means slowing down. That is not the case for Bill Egan. Everything he has done in his life he has done with passion, from Olympic Ski Coach to teaching and coaching high school football. He brought that same passion into his retirement, whether it is spending his winter days on the slopes of Mammoth Mountain, or springtime in the garden. From painting to traveling, every day is a new adventure for him. “I’ve never had more fun,” he told me last week as we sat at Looney Bean. “Always follow your heart,” he said, just like in High School he lit this fire inside of me to keep chasing my dreams. To me he will always be that loud coach on the football field checking to make sure I was staying out of trouble, but now he is so much more. From charismatic to inspirational, Bill Egan impacted the lives of so many and will continue to do so far into retirement.