GoFundMe: Big Pine Saddle Club


July 2, 2018 was a sad day for many of our members at the Big Pine Saddle Club.  Around 1:30am the Fire Department was called to our Club for a car fire.  One of our members vehicle was set on fire.  After further investigation they found numerous horses who had been injured and sheds that had been vandalized.  There were 7 horses who had a knife taken to their necks and cut open, 4 of them required stitches to their wounds. 

At this time all the horses are doing well, but it will be weeks before they are fully recovered. It is sickening to think someone would bring harm to such a beautiful creature.  We have been violated in the worst way.  We are looking for your support to help pay for vet bills, to replace items that were stolen and destroyed and to purchase some video surveillance cameras to install around the club.   We don't want to ever have another day like this.  We hope the person who did this will be found and convicted for the terrible crimes that were committed.  We would be grateful to everyone that will help us reach our goal.
Click here for the Big Pine Saddle Club GoFundMe Page.