Watt's World: Has Social Media Changed Friendship?


Has Social Media Changed Friendship?

Friends-a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection. That is the definition you would find in the dictionary. However today’s world of Facebook Instagram, and Snapchat. Does the word friend still mean that? I have spent the last few days talking to people. About the idea of friends and social media in general. I talked to two different people, the first was a guy named Daniel. Who has no social media at all. “I don't feel disconnected from my friends if anything I feel more connected to them.” They can’t just see that I posted something on Snapchat and decide to text me." I quickly realized that I had done that. I had been sitting on my phone and seen something someone had posted and decided to text them.

The next person I talked to was one of my friends Ritz. He has an Instagram and has now gone seven months without Snapchat. “It’s a benefit because I’m not on my phone as much.” We then talked about people not realizing how much time they spend on their phone. However the other thing he told me was.“Everyone has a Snapchat now and days.” “So many people use that for communication before texting it’s hard.” He is considering getting back on it just to get a hold of people easier. Through talking to these people and others, the one thing I took away. Most people feel as though “friendship” is now built on convenience. Yes, we all have those solid friends. However I will also admit I have people that I am friends with on Snapchat. Or follow on Instagram. I can’t remember the last time we actually hung out. Now maybe that is my fault, Or  maybe I have just been caught in Social Media's attempt to get me to believe I know more people than I actually do.