Go Fund Me: Support for Riana

Riana Clark grew up in Big Pine, Ca and currently resides on the Bishop Paiute Reservation. She is a life long resident of the Owens Valley - Payahuunadu.  She is Briana Clark's twin sister and has three children; one adult son - Jesse Huette, and two teenagers - Jordan and Hataya Bar. The family is requesting assistance to be by her bedside at this difficult time. 

The family of Riana Clark is requesting your support during this difficult time. Riana was admitted to NIH on Tuesday, July 17 with a kidney infection that had spread through out her body. Later that evening Riana felt confident to move, she collapsed and hit her head which caused intracerebral hemorrhage. She then suffered a heart attack and her heart stopped. Staff was able to revive her. 

Due to the seriousness of her condition she was flown to Glendale for specialized care. Riana has been placed in a medically induced coma in hopes that she will recover. Due to Riana being in critical condition the immediate family has traveled to stay by her side. 

We are praying for a positive change in her current condition, but only time can tell. At this time the family is requesting help to pay for the high hotel costs, gas and food to be at her bedside. Any remaining funds not used for travel and care for Riana will be used for Riana Clark’s two sons Jesse, Jordan and her daughter Hataya’s family household upkeep. 

On behalf of the family we are thankful for anything you can give. Please keep Riana and the family in prayer at this difficult time.

CLICK HERE for the GoFundMe Support for Riana Clark.