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New to BloggingBishop "Watt's World" Andy Watt is currently enrolled at Cerro Coso and pursuing a Liberal Arts degree with bigger dreams to become a history teacher. Andy has recently rediscovered his love for writing and will be a regular contributor to BloggingBishop. Wattt's World posts will be similar to Human Interest pieces in the newspaper, but Andy puts his own spin on them. We look forward to sharing his stories on


A Day Among The Boulders

We see them walking down the aisles of Vons or standing in line at the coffee shop. Sunburned faces and giant backpacks strapped to their backs. What we don’t see is the stories that led them to the valley, Every summer we see college students, grandparents, and foreigners all come to the Eastern Sierras in search of adventure. However, rarely do we hear their stories what led them here why do they keep coming back? Recently I have been spending time around some of these people and have found one common theme. For them, it is not just about the scenery or the challenge of the next boulder. It is about the friendships found on the trails and bonds forged on the lake.

One of the people I met was a college student named Kevin. He had just finished his second year at UCLA, he told me one night he was sitting in his dorm room when he saw a picture of the mountains on his Instagram feed. “I immediately felt the need to go there,” he began to explain to me that some of his friends had taken a year off after high school to explore the world. He was so excited that he got into his dream school it was all he thought about. He would see their Instagram photos from all of these beautiful places and wonder what it would be like. “I was focused on earning money for school and then going to school I didn't have time to be jealous” That all changed for him the night he saw that picture of the Eastern Sierras.“I finally felt the urge to go explore as my friends had”, While his friends went to Mexico and Europe. Kevin wanted to head for the mountains. “Climbing, Fishing, Hiking, and maybe a couple rounds of golf why go anywhere else?” There I was twenty minutes from my house listening to a complete stranger talk to me about the power this valley has already had on him, and it was only halfway through June. It is sometimes easy for me to forget how amazing each day I spend out exploring is. After all, I am lucky enough to live where people come to vacation.