Rand & River Books: Closing Plan Proceeds with No Buyers


Thank you to all who have come in with kind words, offers of help, and moral support.  It is deeply appreciated.  Please remember to read to a child so we have another generation of readers, and support businesses you value in our community.  

Frequently Asked Questions:
Many of these have been addressed in other forums, but I can't seem to reach everyone, so the answers bear repeating.

What happens to my store credit?
It goes away.  I cannot cash it out.

What happens to all these books?  
I will sell as many as possible, donate as many as possible, and throw away the rest.  I will likely continue selling some online, so those will not be tossed.  There is no market for bulk lots of used books.

Did Amazon kill the store?
Honestly, I don't think so.  Book lovers from around the world find their way here when in Bishop.  I think there is a lower percentage of people actively reading than in previous generations, but there are still many readers.  I think I was unable to sell the store because there are fewer people willing to accept the risk of owning a small business and the time commitment that entails.

So the Rent is too high?
Our landlords have worked with us and prospective buyers to lower the rent to keep the business open and the store occupied.  

Are you retiring?
I've gotten my back up a little with the deep questioning of my motives and plans - I am a bookish introvert after all!  But I have also tried to be transparent.  I am not retiring, I am planning to spend my time working on our ranch business.  The store is a small enough business to require my time, or the owner's time, to run, but that does not mean it is not economically viable.  It has also been growing annually since moving to Main Street.  I am selling primarily because I need to focus my time elsewhere.

Are you happy to be done with it?
No.  I truly wanted to sell the store to the next passionate book seller.  Nothing about closing it makes me happy.  See above answer.  

How long will you be open?  
I will be sort of open through the end of July.  There will be less merchandise as the cleaning out progresses.  I will not order more ice cream.  The furnishings are also for sale and will start moving out.

So there will be another empty store front?  What is going to happen to Bishop?
I am as unhappy and worried about this as anyone since we live here too, but I am not going to take all the blame.  There is a City of Bishop meeting on July 11 at the Elks Hall to discuss this topic.  Please check in with Elaine Kabala at the City office for details.