ESDR: The Shelter is at full capacity!


The shelter is at full capacity! Please adopt don't shop! Check out the ESDR facebook page for in-depth profiles of dogs at the pound.
Click here to see the Eastern Sierra Dog Rescue facebook page

Volunteers needed:

VOLUNTEERS are priceless and play a very important role in keeping the shelter pups mentally and physically stimulated. No matter the size of the dog, every pup needs and outlet to expend extra energy. This reduces some behaviors done out of anxiety and boredom. As you begin working with an animal, their personalities change almost instantly. Whether is walking, spending time with them or just showing them love, you can see how their true personalities come out and start to shine! It’s really a win, win situation for the dog and us humans. Dogs in particular can reduce stress and anxiety, improve cardiovascular health and ease loneliness, as well as many other benefits! It’s never too late to start, any time is a good time, as little or as much, during your lunch, or break it all helps! Become a volunteer be an 😇🐾PLEASE SHARE!

Big Pine Animal Shelter

Inyo County Animal Shelter
1001 County Rd., Big Pine, CA
Questions: 760-938-2715

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