Workshop: Human Health 101


Get healthy by keeping it simple!

The nutrition and fitness industry is wrought with conflicting protocols for getting healthy -- many of which include bland, low calorie diets and hours on the treadmill. But what if establishing healthier lifestyle practices could actually be enjoyable and sustainable?

Join Antonio as he outlines the basics of evolution and genetics to get a better understanding of how we can make our stressful modern lives better align with the ancient lifestyles our genes still expect. We'll cover diet and exercise as well as key lifestyle factors such as sun exposure, sleep, stress management, and gratitude!

Attendees receive a $50 discount on any monthly coaching package!

Hosted by Jean Drummond, L.Ac.
When: Mon., Apr. 2, 2018 (5:30-7pm)
587 Hammond St, Bishop, CA
Questions: 724-422-9220