River Range Books: Loyalty Day


Use 100% Store Credit on Loyalty Day!

Monday, March 26 2018

Monday is your chance to fill your shelves with reading for spring, and use a pile of accumulated store credit!.  All used books, CDs, DVDs, are eligible for store credit, and we just ask for cash for the sales tax.  Both CDs and US History are also on sale, 30% off, so the bargains multiply! 

As many of you have asked, I cannot say what will happen to store credit if/when a new owner takes over, so please take this opportunity to use some of that credit if you are concerned.  No, there is no news on a sale of the store at this time.

Remember that consignment artwork, vintage vinyl, new books, toys, stationery, food and drinks are not eligible for store credit.  Bruce does have the vintage vinyl records on sale though, so bring some cash for those treasures too!