INYO350: Presentation - Making a Future for our Earth


INYO350 presents Sharon Markenson, a climate change educator and member of the Citizens Climate Lobby, and her program “Making a Future for Our Earth.” This presentation combines stunning visuals and captivating stories to discuss the causes, impacts and solutions to climate change. Sharon is a retired teacher who emphasizes a positive attitude toward progress and hope for the future. Pizza, drinks, and salad at 6 PM, a very brief INYO350 meeting, then Sharon’s presentation at 6:30.  Come to the south classroom at White Mountain Research Station, 3000 East Line Street in Bishop.

INYO350 Presentation - Making a Future for Our Earth
When: Tues., Mar. 20 (6:30pm)
White Mountain Research Station, 3000 East Line Street, Bishop, CA
Need a ride or more information: (760) 582-0781