Flomotion Pilates: Adult Dance Classes


Hip Hop/ 5:30-6:30

Beginning with a 15-minute warm up, this class is meant to energize and challenge, as well as encourage individuality. It features athletic, fast-paced choreography, incorporating isolation and footwork inspired by various styles within the genre. Regular attendance will help you develop musicality, coordination and strength, and improve your ability to freestyle.

Contemporary/ 6:30-7:30

Beginning with a 15-minute warm up, this class utilizes dance as a tool for expression, creativity and versatility. We’ll learn short combos that play with space and develop varied movement quality. Choreography will incorporate some ballet and jazz technique, but will primarily focus on floor work, range of motion, and abstract movement. Since this class is more about sensation and less about precision, it is an excellent space for beginners.

PLEASE PRE-REGISTER ONLINE (click ticket link or go to flowmotionpilates.com) or bring cash.