Imagination Lab: Poetry Reading - Carne Lowgren


Imagination Lab Presents "Carne Lowgren reads his Poetry" 

Carne started writing poems in his late 20s. He had no intention or desire to become a poet, but poems started coming to him seemingly out of nowhere so he went with it. Poetry chose him, but it isn’t as if his life and experience hadn’t laid the groundwork.  He came from a family that viewed words as playthings and valued clever and colorful expression. This view of language was reinforced by the culture of the largely black neighborhood he grew up in.

      Carne’s poetry employs irony, wordplay and humor in his poetic take on who and what we are. As in his weekly column in the Inyo Register his poetic voice is that of a literate yet street wise armchair anthropologist with a wide and eclectic range of interests, and an edgy yet playful sense of humor. He likes the freedom in free verse, though as a musician sound and sense informs his poetry, so it is important to him that his poems sound as good as they read. He views poetry as a verbal, rather than strictly literary written endeavor.

      Carne writes poetry for his own amusement mostly, and has not tried to get it published. He likes to read it live however. With the help of his wife Debbie he started a monthly poetry reading in Morro Bay back in 1997 that is still going. And thanks to the internet he wound up having a kind of career as a public poet. In the early 90s he ran across the Amazing Instant Novelist, an America Online site that was allegedly the Internet’s biggest writing site at the time. The site featured two poetry boards that had weekly theme-based contests. Impressed by the quality of the work he found- allegedly at least one US Poet Laureate posted there- he started entering poems in the contests. He became a consistent winner, wound up joining the staff of one of the boards and was its head by the time AOL closed all of its volunteer boards in 2006.

      Being a servant of poetry was a very rewarding experience for Carne. While he believes some of his poems cover the same material his columns do better than the columns themselves, he now devotes most of his writing time to his column and sporadic intensive e-mail correspondences about the same things he writes about in his columns and poems. He is not on Facebook, nor does he blog so if you are curious about what he does, he will be reading a selection of his poems at the Imagination Lab on

Imagination Lab Presents "Carne Lowgren reads his Poetry" 
When: Sat., Jan. 27 (4PM)
Imagination Lab