MCT: A message to all who attended and supported Robin Hood.


On January 20th, 62 local students in kindergarten through eighth grade performed in Missoula Children’s Theatre production of Robin Hood.  After one week of preparation with tour actor directors from the MCT, the students put on a fabulous show complete with singing, dancing, and laughter! I would like to thank the Donald M. Slager Sunset Foundation for their continued financial support of this opportunity for our students and two free shows for our community. In addition, students at Bishop Elementary were treated to an assembly and workshops were held at both Bishop Elementary and Home Street Middle School for interested students.

To all the patrons that so very generously donated on the day of the show, Thank you, we appreciate your support! These donations help ensure MCT will be back in Bishop in 2019. To the families of the cast, thank you for supporting your actor’s participation in this amazing program! Thank you also to volunteers Robin Tillmans(pianist) and Dan Tothero (lights), you really help make these shows something special.  Lastly, to the cast and crew of Robin Hood, thank you for your hard work and dedication! I hope to see you at auditions in 2019!

Emilee Norcross - Volunteer, Bishop Schools