County of Inyo: Special Parcel Tax Election

January 12, 2018


Kammi Foote, Inyo County Registrar of Voters, would like to inform voters that there will be a Special Parcel Tax Election on April 10, 2018 for the Southern Inyo Healthcare District.

The final date for submitting arguments for and against any measure on the April 10, 2018 special election ballot will be January 23, 2018.

Ballot arguments must have the names and signatures of the person (s) or organization submitting it. If an argument is submitted on behalf of an organization, the name of the organization and at least one of the principal officers must be included.

A guide for submitting arguments can be found on the Inyo County Elections
website at

Please contact the Inyo County Elections office if you have any questions.

Inyo County Clerk, Kammi Foote,, (760) 878-0224