City of Bishop: Gymnastics


Starting: Jan 30– April 6 - No class Feb 12-16 or March 26-30 during school holiday breaks

Space in each class has been set in order to keep all the children in the class safe. Spaces will not be added to any class, no exceptions.
When: Sat., Jan. 20 (10am-12pm)
 $64 Cash and Check only
Where: City of Bishop Auditorium from 10am—12pm

*Please note that this is a classroom. All parents with children 5 & older please drop and go to allow the teacher to keep control of the classroom if you need to stay, chairs are available in the hallway for your convenience. Ages 4 and under, parents must be present, no exceptions. Under no circumstances is a sibling allowed on the floor that is not enrolled in a particular class. Parents who allow their unenrolled children in the auditorium and on the floor may be asked to leave, and if it continues, may forfeit their child's place in the class without refund.

*You may watch your children from the seating area in the Hallway. Please respect the space of City Staff. We understand the need to utilize the break room from time to time, however, please do not hang out or allow your children to play or hang out in the staff break room or hallway that runs along the back side of the auditorium.

*Please dress your child appropriately, no tights please. Water is allowed, however we ask that snacks be saved and not brought out in the Auditorium. Parents, please remember this is a class room, we ask that you sit quietly if you are waiting, otherwise, returning after class is best. Ages 4 and under, parents must be present, no exceptions.

Please respect our requests for safety of the children participating. Thank you.