Congratulations, now let's talk safety!

Graduations are an exciting time that calls for a celebration. With graduation season quickly approaching, it is crucial that parents and students understand how to have fun, while also staying safe.

When attending graduation parties, teens are often driving with friends, which puts all at risk. According to the National Safety Council, a teen driver’s chances of having a fatal crash are 48% higher when they have at least one other passenger in the car with them. When you add additional friends, the percentages go up.

Parents should stay actively involved in what their child is doing and keep open communication. The student should be reminded that all their actions have consequences and even though it is a time for celebration, they must be responsible.

Graduation Safety Tips For Parents:

  1. Know who will be driving your child to and from graduation parties, and know who they will be with;
  2. Find out where your teen is going, and call the parents to make sure it will be a parent-sponsored event;
  3. Remind your children that, under any circumstance, you will be available to pick them up or help them;
  4. Ask questions and keep in contact with your child while they are out;
  5. Set a curfew and give your child rules that they must follow.

Graduation Safety Tips For Graduates and Friends:

  1. Never drink and drive, or get in the car with anyone under the influence;
  2. Remember you can always say “no” and do not have to do anything you do not want to do;
  3. Be responsible; you have proved a level of maturity by four hard-working years in high school.  Don’t blow it all in celebrating your accomplishment;
  4. Watch out for your friends and have them do the same for you; you have been doing this for four years anyway.  Keep it up;
  5. Never be afraid to call your parents or a trusted adult.  We love you and are here to help;  
  6. Put the phone down; distracted driving is becoming an epidemic, and a dangerous one. Put the phone down when you’re behind the wheel.

The graduation season is a time for family, friends and a celebration of the awesome accomplishment of graduating from high school.  It is also an occasion to look forward and be excited about the big change and next step in your life:  College.

Be smart, be mature, and celebrating your accomplishment, but do so responsibly. This is a big step on the way to the rest of your life. Get there safely.