BCCA: Concert - The Folk Collection

THE FOLK COLLECTION could just as well be named the "Singing the Classic Songs of the "60's Folk Era" group.  Tony Unger, Ed Labowitz and Mike Sirota grew up in the 1960's, when they fell in love with the story songs and 3-part harmonies of that acoustic era.  Ed and Tony have been a duo on and off since their days at Hollywood High School, and Mike joined the group in 2003.

Much of their repertoire is familiar to audiences of all ages.  They have been influenced by the well-known groups of the era, but they have their own blend, sound - and humor.  Audiences get a real kick out of their unique medley arrangement of the great TV Western theme songs of the "50s (including songs from the hit shows "Rawhide" Davy Crockett, "Maverick," and "Bonanza").

The Folk Collection grew up loving folk music, and the turnouts at their shows confirm that they have struck a "chord"; with audiences of all ages, who really like listening to the words and harmonies - and joining in when the mood and song fit.  Their show is centered around folk music and good clean jokes.  Their shows are family friendly, and their audiences are often multi-generational - children, parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents - enjoying the music of The Folk Collection, together.  Don't miss an opportunity to share an evening with THE FOLK COLLECTION.  You will leave singing, toe-tapping, and smiling.

THE FOLK COLLECTION also presents a 45-60 minute educational program for elementary and middle school assemblies, entitled "An American Journey - Folk Music and Our History,"; in which they present important events in U.S. history as reflected in the songs of each period. 

They encourage the children to participate in the singing and answering questions about American history.  Included are 20-25 tunes from Colonial times through the Revolutionary War, Appalachia, the Westward Movement, the Gold Rush, the Civil War, and World War 1, along with songs from Woody Guthrie and John Denver.  This show is especially valuable in these times of severe budget cuts leading to the elimination of music programs.

Book them – or join them at their next concert - and come sing along with THE FOLK COLLECTION - most people do!

When: Mon., Apr. 3 (7pm)
Bishop Community Concerts Association, 301 N. Fowler St., Bishop, CA
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