Inyo 350: Bishop City Council Values Resolution

Please Attend Tomorrow: Bishop City Council Discusses Values (Respect, Acceptance, Inclusion) Resolution

Tomorrow, Monday, March 13 at their 6 PM meeting, the Bishop City Council will discuss an important values resolution.  This resolution states, in part, “Bishop, CA, is a city whose wealth derives in equal measure from the natural beauty of its surroundings and the strength and health of its diverse community.”  The full resolution and additional information can be found here.

Our small town and rural area works best when everyone who lives or visits here is treated with respect and acceptance.  Local folks can and do come together for the benefit of our community even if they come from different backgrounds and hold differing beliefs.  Respect and acceptance of each other allows us to take care of our community (and each other.)  By extension, our area, which thrives on tourism, is most successful if our reputation is one of being welcoming and hospitable to all.  


There are 3 ways to act, and you can do all 3.  We really need a lot of support on Monday, where people have statements ready with their experiences and how such a measure would be beneficial. 

 1.  In-person, at the meeting.  Date: Monday, March 13 at 6 PM.  Location: City Council Chambers-301 West Line Street.  Prepare a quick statement or attend without speaking in solidarity.  Please see the attached for ideas for what to say if you’d like to speak.

 2.  Over the phone or by email.  Call or email any and all of the council members to let them know how you feel: 

  • Joe Pecsi: 760-784-0699;
  • Karen Schwartz: 760-920-7136;
  • Jim Ellis: 760-258-6809;
  • Patricia Gardner: 760-873-8579;
  • Laura Smith: 760-872-4034;

 3. E-comment. The agenda for the meeting is now available at  Scroll down the page a bit to see the agenda. Next to the link for the agenda is an “eComment” button you can click to make a comment in support of the values statement.

Please help support a values statement for Bishop by taking attending tomorrow’s Council meeting and/or sending a comment via email or the eComment system.