ESLT: Support Local Organizations


Do you believe in magic?

I do - I see it all the time. Here in the Eastern Sierra, it seems like there's magic everywhere I look.

There's magic in the way the morning light strikes the High Sierra, painting the snowy peaks in pink and gold. Magic in the fertile valleys, and on the vast sagebrush sea where wildlife roam free. Magic in the smiles of young boys and girls as they discover treasures hidden in nature. Magic in the calm of the river, and in the swish of ice skates on a frozen lake.

All this magic is out there, just waiting for you to take a closer look, a deeper breath. Waiting for you to take it all in.

As a supporter of Eastern Sierra Land Trust, it's you who protects this magic for the future. You're conserving open lands, clean air and water, iconic wildlife, and so much more.

This is such a special place, and you're making sure it stays that way.

ESLT is a small, locally-supported organization, and we rely on you. Only with your generous financial assistance are we are able to work with local landowners and our community to ensure a better future for the lands you love.

So this holiday, I hope you'll consider making a tax-deductible donation to support conservation here in the Eastern Sierra. It's a gift that will make a difference for families and wildlife for generations to come.