Manzanar: Wabi Sabi Exhibit

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View the new Wabi Sabi Exhibit at the Manzanar History Association Bookstore at Manzanar National Historic Site

Wonderful local art work is being shown at the non-profit Manzanar History Association bookstore inside the Visitor Center at Manzanar National Historic Site through New Year’s. The exhibit entitled "Wabi Sabi: Perfection in Imperfection", highlights four Inyo County artists who explore and interpret Japanese design and Manzanar themes. 

Wabi Sabi is a traditional Japanese world view and aesthetic that highlights beauty in imperfection, impermanence and incompletion. It incorporates many elements and concepts and celebrates rusty, decayed, transient and imperfect objects. Local artists explore these themes from different vantage points based on their individual training and influences and heritage, inspired also by Manzanar-related and Japanese artistic themes.

Featured artists from Darwin, Olancha, Independence and Lone Pine include Judyth Greenburgh, with hand-made kaleidoscopes, some with original origami foldings by Noa Lish; Dave Kirk, with original watercolor paintings and matted prints of Manzanar scenes such as a view of the barracks with the Inyo Mountain range; Noa Lish, with hand-folded modular origami ornaments and boxes, and miniature origami inside kaleidoscopes; and Drew Wickman, with hand-made pottery such as traditionally shaped Sake and bowl sets, as well as vases, tea cups and rice bowls inspired by Japanese design elements and traditions. 

All creations will be available for sale at the bookstore. Proceeds will be shared between the artists and the non-profit Manzanar History Association which supports Manzanar National Historic Site’s educational and interpretive programs through a cooperative partnership.

The Visitor Center is free to the public and open daily from 9 am to 4:30 pm. Closed on Christmas Day. The exhibit will run from November 18th through January 15th.

The exhibit inside the Bookstore is sponsored by the non-profit Manzanar History Association, with support by the Manzanar National Historic Site and the Friends of the Eastern California Museum. Manzanar National Historic Site is located at 5001 Highway 395 in Independence, California.

For more information, contact Ursula Esser, Executive Director, Manzanar History Association and Manager of the MHA bookstore, at 760-878-2727 or via email at