Range of Light: Conglomerate Mesa


Conglomerate Mesa, left, could end up an open pit mine like this!

Help prevent a large, industrial scale, cyanide heap leach gold mine near Death Valley National Park! Come to the Inyo County Board of Supervisors meeting in the County Administrative Center at 224 North Edwards in Independence by 11 AM this Tuesday, November 14. 

Conglomerate Mesa - a very special wild part of southeastern Inyo County next to the Inyo Mountains, Malpais Mesa Wilderness, and Death Valley National Park - is under threat and your help is needed. The mesa’s beautiful, rugged landscape is dotted with Joshua trees, Pinyon and Juniper. Conglomerate also provides habitat for rare plants like the Inyo rock daisy, as well as bobcats, Mojave Ground Squirrels, Townsend’s Western Big-eared bats, Golden Eagles, Mule deer and mountain lions.    

The area, which is managed by the Bureau of Land Management, has long been important to local tribal members for traditional uses. Conglomerate also offers great options for hiking, backpacking, camping, rock scrambling, hunting, bird watching, star gazing, wildflower viewing, and photography. 

On Tuesday, the Inyo County Board of Supervisors will vote and decide whether or not to send a letter of support for exploratory drilling for gold at Conglomerate Mesa. The Supervisors’ draft letter not only supports this exploration, it also makes it clear that the Board “looks forward” to seeing gold mining proposals for Conglomerate Mesa. 

Bear in mind that any new mine at Conglomerate Mesa would be a large, industrial scale, open pit cyanide heap leach gold mine that will threaten our air and water and permanently damage this special natural place.

Your help is needed to tell the Inyo County Board that our water, wildlife, quality of life, clean air and access to this special wild place are too important to risk.  We need to raise our concerns about how a large, open pit cyanide heap leach gold mine at Conglomerate Mesa will threaten our air and water, our local quality of life, and our ability to explore and enjoy Conglomerate Mesa!

County of Inyo Board of Supervisors Meetings are now LIVE and recorded.
Click here to watch/review the meeting on the Inyo County CA website.

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