Spellbinder Books: 17th Annual Children's Book Week


1. This Year's Craft: we are participating in #thekindnessrocksproject!  Supplies will be provided for free all week long for you to make your own Kindness Rock.  Decorate a rock with a kind word or phrase, or an inspiring or encouraging image or phrase.  Take your rock with you, or leave it with us and we'll seal your design in place with clear, non-toxic sealant.  When your rock is dry, place/hide it somewhere around town and trust that whoever needs to find it to brighten their day, will!  And keep your eyes sharp - maybe you'll find a rock placed by someone else, too.  (We do have a limited amount of supplies - they're costly! - so please save up your very best ideas and limit yourself to decorating one rock per person per day ... thank you!) To learn more, visit http://thekindnessrocksproject.com.

2. Enter a Drawing for a Book/Totebag/Gift Certificate Package. This year, we have three lovely themed prizes to choose from.  You (and any children who come in to the store with you) may enter one drawing per day over the course of Children's Book Week.  Try your luck with a different entry each day, or 'load the ballot box' for your favorite!  Winners will be announced on Saturday the 18th at the end of the day.  Good luck! 

3. The authors of tomorrow can get their creative juices flowing today and write a story on this year's theme: Kindness Rocks! We'll have prizes for the winners in different age divisions, which will be announced on Small Business Saturday - November 25th.  Please stop by the store for a copy of the complete rules and reg's - or we'll be happy to email them to you upon request.  Please bring stories in by 5pm on Saturday, 11/18, and don't forget to include name and phone number with each entry.          

4. SALE!  Thanks to the generosity of our local Altrusa chapter, we are able to offer most books in our children's and Teen Reading sections at an amazing 40% OFF!  Please note, they are able to offer us matching funds for the first $500 in discounts that we give during the week, so we can't guarantee that this offer will last all week.  We encourage you to shop early in the week to be sure of receiving this great deal.  If the special offer runs out during the week, we will still be discounting children's books at 20% off - but again - shop early to avoid disappointment! Not included in the 40% offer are activity/coloring books, art supplies, toys, stuffed animals, and puppets - but these will receive 20% off for the entire week.  And, please note that with this outstanding pricing up front, purchases will not count towards Readers' Rewards Points.  Thanks again to the fantastic members of Altrusa for making this special offer a reality for a second year!

Spellbinder Books 17th Annual Children's Book Week
When: Nov. 12-18, 2017
Spellbinder Books, 124 S. Main St., Bishop, CA
Questions: 760-873-4511