Range & River Books: Up for Sale


Have you Dreamed of Owning a Bookstore? Now is your chance.

Yes Range & River Books is up for sale.  With more than twelve years under the ownership of Diane and Dave Doonan, they have decided it is time to focus on other endeavors.  The bookstore has been a labor of love for Diane, and an encompassing family enterprise (especially moving to the new location), so handing over the reins is a bittersweet proposition.  However, with bookstore business improving nationwide,  an interest from the City of Bishop in improving our downtown economy, and the steady, strong flow of visitors to the region, it seems like a good time for a new owner to carry on with fresh ideas and energy.  The building space is leased, but is also available for purchase.  

If you are interested, please call 760-937-7317 to speak to Diane.  

Visitors frequently comment on the unique joy of finding two quality bookstores in Bishop.  It is something most do not want to see lost.  A quote from author Neil Gaiman sums it up...

What I say is, a town isn't a town without a bookstore. It may call itself a town, but unless it's got a bookstore it knows it's not fooling a soul.

Neil Gaiman


Signed Book Collection Available

This collection of signed books by mystery, sci fi, alternate history, author Kirk Mitchell came in recently and is now available.  

Mitchell lived in the Eastern Sierra for a time as he began writing, and worked as a law enforcement officer on reservations in the area.  Several of his novels have local settings.  His Turnipseed/Parker series, including
Spirit Sickness is especially popular, and includes Native American themes and locations across the Western states.  He has also written several movie novelizations, and historical fiction as Joel Norst.