Inyo County Clerk: CEQA Filing Fees to Increase


Kammi Foote, Inyo County Clerk/Recorder, would like to inform the public that beginning on January 1, 2018 the fees for filing California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) documents will increase.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) adjusts the filing fees annually based on changes to the Implicit Price Deflator for State and Local Government of Purchases of Goods and Services as published by the U.S. Department of Commerce (Fish & G. Code, § 713).  The filing fees for calendar year 2018 are identified in the enclosed table and are posted on CDFW’s website at:

California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) filing Fees for 2018


*CRPs include certain state agency regulatory programs as defined in section 21080.5 of the Public Resources Code and section 15251 of the CEQA Guidelines. Beginning July 1, 2013, CEQA/CRP Filing Fees will no longer apply to the filing of Notices of Decision or Determination for Forest Practice Rules and Timber Harvest Plans (Pub. Resources Code, § 4629.6, added by Stats. 2012, ch. 289, § 3).

You may also contact the Clerk-Recorder’s office at 760-878-0224 for more information, or check our website: (