Bishop Twin Theater: Movie - The Oyler House


On October 29,   at 3:00 pm, the Bishop Twin Theater proudly presents “The Oyler House:
Richard Neutra’s Desert Retreat”. 

This beautiful film, which has captivated film festival audiences all over the world, tells the moving story of a lifetime Inyo County employee/resident, the late Richard Oyler, who, after seeing a Time magazine cover story on renowned architect Richard Neutra, had the courage in 1957 to reach out and ask Neutra to design his modest family home in Lone Pine.  This cinematic glimpse into a celebrated Lone Pine architectural treasure speaks to the beauty of the Owens Valley, the power of great architecture and the passion of one simple man’s dream.


Mike Dorsey, the director of the film and Hollywood actress Kelly Lynch (“Road House”, “Drugstore Cowboy”, Stephen King’s “Mr. Mercedes”), owner of the Oyler House since 1992, will be in attendance at the Bishop Twin for a lively, post-screening conversation.

All proceeds from this screening will benefit the restoration of the Bishop Twin Theater’s
historic neon marquee, designed by Bishop resident Harry Holland. 
Richard Neutra is justly acclaimed, along with Frank Lloyd Wright (with whom he
worked), as one of the giants of mid-century architecture. Neutra’s work has been shown
in the New York City Museum of Modern Art and his residential architecture from the
modernist elegance of the Kaufman House in Palm Springs to Los Angeles’ renowned
Lovell Health House (seen in the Oscar winning film “Hollywood Confidential”) is revered
and celebrated around the globe.
Neutra, inspired by the stark beauty of Richard Oyler’s Alabama Hills site and the
humble honesty of Oyler’s written invitation, visited Lone Pine and quickly agreed to
build the Oyler family’s middle class home. An unexpected partnership, true respect and
deep friendship grew between the superstar Austrian architect and the straight-talking
Inyo County employee.  The result is one of the most acclaimed residences in Richard
Neutra’s storied career.
At its heart, “The Oyler House: Richard Neutra’s Desert Retreat” is a touching
celebration of Neutra and Oyler’s surprising and guileless, lifetime friendship, of Richard
Oyler’s love of his family, of his home in the gorgeous Owens Valley and of the power of
great architecture to inspire and elevate everyday life.
Join actress/homeowner Kelly Lynch and director/documentarian Mike Dorsey (Richard
Oyler’s grandson!) for a very special event -- a stunning, cinematic tribute to the Owens
Valley and the vision and friendship of Richard Neutra and Richard Oyler.

Movie: “The Oyler House: Richard Neutra’s Desert Retreat” and Post Screening Conversation
When: Sun., Oct. 29 (3:00 pm)
Bishop Twin Theater, Main St., Bishop, CA
Donation: $5.00 donation towards the restoration of the historic marquee is requested to attend.