City of Bishop: Streets Closed for Construction


Public Works News Release
Bishop Streets Closed for Construction

Construction work is planned on North Fowler Street and May Street in the City of Bishop the week of 23 through 27 October. The work is expected to start first thing Monday morning.

North Fowler Street between Line Street and Church Street and May Street between Main Street and Rose Street will be repaved as part of this work. The streets will be closed in the construction area while work is underway. The two streets are used heavily by residents, customers of local businesses, and by parents and high school students and will be completed as quickly as possible. Drivers and even pedestrians should avoid these streets while the work is underway. Equipment, workers, excavations in the street, uneven pavement, and other hidden hazards will require attention, even when work is not underway on these projects. All efforts will be made to maintain access to businesses and to minimize the impacts and restrictions, but drivers, riders, and pedestrians should be cautious, take alternate routes, and be patient.

For more information contact City of Bishop Public Works at or 760-873-8458.