October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month



Wild Iris offers free and confidential support for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, or child abuse and their families.

Callers to our hotline, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (including holidays) can expect support, understanding, crisis intervention, and information and referral to programs and agencies. Even if you are outside of our service area, we can refer you to resources in your local area.

Prevention and Intervention Services

Wild Iris offers an array of prevention and intervention services. Our services are provided at no charge and are completely confidential.

24-Hour Crisis Line1-877-873-7384 – Available 24/7 for times of crisis. Trained peer crisis counselors are available to provide immediate counseling, information and resources.

  • Emergency Shelter: Available for individuals who are fleeing unsafe situations.

  • Safety Planning: Trained peer counselors are available to assist in safety planning and provide you with valuable information to consider when you are in a dangerous situation, or are planning to leave an abusive relationship.

  • Advocacy & Accompaniment: Wild Iris advocates can provide support during your time of crisis. At your request, an advocate can attend court dates, or appropriate appointments such as medical, social services, mental health, etc.

  • Crisis Counseling & Support: One-on-one peer counseling is available and is designed to support you while you are working through a crisis or an abusive situation.

  • Information & Referrals: Peer counselors can help you locate community programs and resources that may benefit you during your times of need. These may include referrals to medical services, children’s services, long term mental health services, food banks, parenting classes, employment and education, faith based services, legal services, transportation services, recovery services and long term shelter services.

  • Emergency Food & Clothing: Emergency food and clothing are available for clients who are in need due to violence and abuse.

  • Housing Establishment & Relocation: Wild Iris is often able to assist with providing items needed to establish a new home after fleeing a harmful situation. This help may include temporary assistance with utility services and locating furniture and essential household items. In some instances, Wild Iris may be able to assist with relocating you to another, safer community.

  • Transitional Housing Program: Transitional Housing offers a safe and empowering environment for people who have been harmed. This program allows them 24 months to work on a safer and healthier future.

  • Restraining Orders: Wild Iris advocates guide and support you through the process of obtaining a restraining order. Wild Iris peer counselors cannot provide legal advice.

Click here for the Wild Iris Website -  Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Child Abuse.
24-Hour Crisis Hotline: 1-877-873-7384