HCN: West Obsessed


 A film project by former Independence resident, Forrest Pound is now requesting funding via Indiegogo.

The American West(s) film series is a collaboration between documentary filmmaker Forrest Pound and the award-winning magazine, High Country News.  

We realized that in the wake of the presidential election in November 2016, there was a lot of confusion and over-simplification about the lives of people in rural America. Between electoral college counts, “fake news,” and email hacks, there were many excuses made for how so much of the country could vote for Trump as their president. It seems that the national conversation is focused on the wrong things and missing the more important picture.

High Country News has been covering the rural West, across 12 states and a million square miles, for nearly 50 years from their newsroom in rural Colorado. They are no stranger to the complex issues of the rural west: economics, religion and race, oil and gas, even wolves and grizzly bears just to name a few.

Drawing on those years of expertise, this film series will connect a brand-new, mostly urban audience with the issues of the American West and delight current magazine subscribers with a fresh perspective on the reporting they care about. 

Click here for the official Indiegogo - American Wests