Eastern Sierra Organizer: Post Election Gathering Update



Thanks to everyone who was able to attend our Post-Election gathering on December 14 at the Inyo Council for the Arts (ICA).  I hope the evening was helpful to you in some way.  We certainly appreciated everyone’s participation, offers of food and other assistance, and your “pass the hat” donations to the ICA for hosting us.  

For those who could not be with us that night, I’d say, briefly stated, that our conversation focused on two key questions:

1) What can we do going forward – locally and nationally – to protect vulnerable communities and the places, values and principles that matter most to us?

2)  How can we reach out to and engage our neighbors, family members and others in our communities who supported Donald Trump in an effort to bridge the dangerous and troubling gaps that seem to be increasingly dividing us?

While we could not definitively answer either of these questions, we did discuss initial ideas and possibilities.  To that end, here are a few “resources” from or relevant to our meeting:

1) The brainstormed list (“Moving Forward as a Community”) of options (see button below) for action that we collectively created on the 14th,

2) The Martin Luther King quote.

3) A link to a video with excerpts from the "We Did Not Un-Elect the Constitution" speech by North Carolina NAACP leader the Rev Dr. William Barber II, that I quoted at the start of the evening, and finally,

4) A link to a congressionally focused “resistance guide” that a participant shared with me and others following our time together -https://www.indivisibleguide.com/

5) A link to a New York Times Book article, 6 Books to Help Understand Trump’s Win.

We also talked about having other gatherings in the coming year to identify and make plans to take additional steps and keep our conversation going.  And several folks came up to us afterwards and said they would be interested in continuing a community dialogue and helping to pursue next steps and actions. 

Please let me know if you would like to help or have particular ideas you would like to move forward with. 

If you have other folks you think would like to be part of this dialogue and process, please share this email with them and encourage them to contact me if they’d like.

We’ll be back in touch after the holidays.  

Thank you all
Sierra Club
(760) 873 6500