Picketing at Main and Yaney, Noon, Dec 19

Update (Dec 20,2016): The group organizing who turned out to be an assorted collection of county workers was AFSCME.

(This article was originally posted Dec 19,2016 1:36)

As I was going to lunch today at the Roadhouse, I saw a picket line on the sidewalk bordering the former KMart parking lot. The signs (which for the most part could not be read from across the street) included "CONTRACT NOW" and "17 DON'T PAY RENT". Patrons in the restaurant were asking one another if anyone recognized the group, but no one seemed to know what was being demanded or protested. I took two photos as I waited for my food. 

There were possibly a dozen people picketing, many in warm coats, which were later shed to show a few people with green shirts and white lettering on the front. A few media sources arrived on the scene and took photos of the picketers, then spoke to them as they broke up and stacked their signs in neat rows along the parking lot fence line. 

The event couldn't have been more than forty-five minutes since I had arrived and by then, was dispersing--some of the participants got into their cars and left, while others walked to the Taco Bell. I finished my lunch and hurried across the street to talk with one of the few remaining picketers. She seemed to be the organizer of the event as she was loading signs into her car and talking with another woman; when I approached her and identified myself as being from Blogging Bishop, I was immediately informed that she could not talk to me, due to being "in negotiations" and that she had intentionally not sent out a press release. I then asked if I could have her organization name so that I knew what to write for this blog post, but she refused and covered up the front of her shirt, which had the group's name on the front. Being fairly confused at this point, I asked for any information and was told that I would be contacted at a later date. 

If there is anyone who can provide more information (anonymously or off the record is fine!), Blogging Bishop would be very appreciative of it. You can leave a comment on this post or email us at bloggingbishop@gmail.com