City of Bishop: Sneden and Short Street Work

Public Works News Release
Sneden and Short Street Work

This week the City of Bishop Public Works crew will be working along Sneden Street and a portion of Short Street in preparation for more extensive pavement work next week. Parking will be restricted on one side of the street at a time while this preparation work is underway.

The main work, scheduled for next week, is the placement of a 3/4 inch thick fiber seal on the full length of Sneden Street and on the portion of Short Street between Sneden and Main. The seal is expected to extend the life of the pavement for a decade or more.

The contractor on the project plans to place the seal in two operations, one the morning of Wednesday, 14 September and one the morning of Thursday, 15 September. It is expected the streets will need to be completely closed for several hours starting about 7 am these days. It is hoped the streets can reopen from these closures by mid-day or early afternoon. Depending how quickly the seal is hardening on 15 September it may be necessary to restrict parking throughout the day and perhaps as long as the morning of Saturday, 17 September, even though the streets will be open. The work will also affect Clarke Street in the intersection with Sneden, so Clarke may also be closed to through traffic at that location.

Residents and businesses in the area should be prepared for these street and parking closures and should plan to park outside of the area and to walk to and from locations within the closures when they are in affect. Look for updates in news releases posted at the work location and on the city web site.

About $90,000 of work is planned for Sneden and Short Streets. The contractor on the joint city / county project is Environmental Concepts out of Tehachapi.

For more information contact City of Bishop Public Works or 760-873-8458.