Bishop Chamber: Happy 2019


We wish you a happy and prosperous New Year filled with adventure, family, and friends in 2019!  Bishop is the perfect getaway for  winter fun with world-class fly-fishing, desert hiking, rock climbing, and exploration while gazing up at snow-capped mountains. The days are often on the warmer side while the nights are chilly and perfect for cuddling up with a toasty fire. 

In Bishop we have several unique, independently-owned stores and restaurants for your shopping and dining pleasure. You will find a plethora of offerings that are one-of-a-kind and special to our area. Making a local connection is easy in our quaint downtown. 
Come discover the small-town charm of Bishop all year long!  We Hope To See You Soon!Your Friends at the Bishop Area Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau 

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Meet Lynne Almeida, your local bookstore owner 
Lynne Almeida, owner of Spellbinder Books, has created a community hub in the heart of Bishop through her life-long love of books. "We want people to feel comfortable to browse the shelves, ask our staff about local tips from eateries to favorite hikes, and get a flavor of our community. We truly enjoy our role as an adjunct visitor's center."

Spellbinder's shelves are brimming with a broad spectrum of books that emulate the diverse population here in Bishop, where you could run into a young, liberal climber, fourth-generation rancher with a PhD or conservative minister's wife. Staff picks of the newest books and iconic treasures help visitors and locals to find the perfect read. Three different book clubs offer an opportunity to learn from others in an open-minded environment. 

Community members helped to create a robust used-book section with their donations. These donations can be applied to store credit or bequeathed to Bishop's Wish Tree program, where economically-challenged families sign up for their children's Christmas presents. Last year, Spellbinder Books donated $600 worth of books for those in need.

Lynne's dedication to her community is evident in the carefully curated books of local Native culture, ranching history, climbs, hikes, fishing, photography and wildflowers of the Eastern Sierra. She also carries rare and collectible books as well as local artisan wares from a very special place. Or, as Lynne puts it, "Bishop is the downtown you remember and miss. It's the neighborhood feeling of home."

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Bishop has World-Class Fly Fishing

The most common catch from the Owens River is rainbow or brown trout, typically around 10 to 12 inches, though you might find some up to 18 inches. The Lower Owens River parallels Highway 395, making it easily accessible and a perfect spot for winter fly fishing. The picturesque setting and good trout fishing make it an ideal spot among locals and visitors alike. We suggest that anglers wade the Lower Owens River with nymphs and dry fly combinations, taking advantage of lower flows in the colder winter months.

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Rock Out with the Family

There is no better place than the rocks in our backyard for rock climbing and hiking all year-round. After bouldering the Buttermilks or climbing in the Owens Gorge, you can take a stroll through the piñon pine trees or enjoy many of the hiking trails through a unique desert ecosystem. Stop into the visitor center for trail maps and local tips!

Bishop has 21 great lodging options to suit any taste and any budget.  We recommend booking directly with your hotel/motel/B&B or hostel for best rates.

Click here to visit the lodging page on our website.  
Bishop hosts a wide variety of fun events year-round.
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AC Nutrition and Wellness: Seminar - Never Bonk Again


Never Bonk Again: Keto and Athletic Performance
Seminar + Q&A -- $10

When used strategically, a well-formulated nutrient-dense ketogenic diet can be a useful tool for athletes of all types of sports.

Topics covered include:
--General benefits of a ketogenic diet.
--Ketosis, energy metabolism, aerobic v. anaerobic training.
--How to ensure training and diet are working together.
--How to utilize keto and as a tool for improved performance.
--Strict v. cyclical keto -- which approach is right for you?
--Top tips for safe, enjoyable, and practical implementation.

Antonio Caligiuri is a certified health coach specializing in whole food nutrition, the ketogenic diet, gut health, and stress management. Outside of coaching, his passions include rock/alpine climbing, hiking, strength training, and community activism.

UCCE Master Gardener: 2019 Training Class

You're Invited to Apply to Become a  UCCE Inyo and Mono Counties' Master Gardener


2019 Master Gardener Training Class

The Inyo and Mono Counties' Master Gardeners are looking for motivated people who enjoy gardening and want to learn more about gardening in the Owens Valley while expanding their knowledge of plants, botany, soils, pomology, pest management and horticulture. By becoming a Master Gardener, you are willing to share your knowledge of gardening by teaching others in the community how to garden. If you have a burning desire to learn more about gardening with a fun group who has like interests, then we want you on our team.

Class Plan: 2019 MG Training

Topic Schedule
1. Botany & Plant Science Feb. 20 to 28
2. Soils & Fertility Mar. 1 to 12
3. Horticulture Mar. 13 to 31
4. IPM Apr. 1 to 10
5. Landscape Plants Apr. 11 to 20
6. Irrigation Apr. 21 to 30
7. Vegetable Gardening May 1 to 14
8. Pomology May 15 to 31
9. Master Gardener Volunteer Skills Jun. 1 to 8
10. Specialty Topics including: Jun. 9 to 20 a. Turf b. Landscape design c. Houseplants d. Poisonous plants
11. Certification Exam Jun. 21 to 25 II.

Course Content
1. Labs (see schedule)
2. Independent: local and curated content hosted via via Moodle
3. MG Education and Interaction at General Meetings 4. Presentation Boards – Final Night III.

1. Online access, must be able to view video (can use office)
2. Attendance at labs, sessions
3. Complete presentation board and present it at graduation, 5 min.
4. Pass Final Exam with 70%

Please click on This Link for more detailed information

After reviewing the In Person Dates and you are sure you will be able to attend all of those dates, click on


Questions: Melissa Yeager at 760-873-7854 or or