ATTENTION Pickers/Hoarders! Eastern Sierra in the running for an "American Pickers" visit

One of the History Channel’s most popular reality shows is coming to California and has its sights set on the Eastern Sierra.

Earlier this week a producer with “American Pickers” contacted Bishop Area Chamber of Commerce Director Tawni Thomson, asking that she spread the word that anyone with a large collection of rare or antique items may have an opportunity to appear on the show. Click here to read the full story or pick up the Inyo Register today!

Check out the show "American Pickers" 

Bshop Sunrise Rotary: New Member - Fran Hunt

Members of the Bishop Sunrise Rotary Club have the pleasure of announcing their newest member, Fran Hunt, the daughter of a Methodist Minister and a school teacher, so community involvement is in her blood. Fran Hunt, Eastern Sierra Organizer for the Sierra Club, said she is “excited to be getting involved with such a great organization and group of such community minded people”. Fran’s job is encouraging strong public participation in the planning process for the Inyo National Forest.

Fran is a native of Roanoke, VA. Prior to coming to Bishop in late January of this year, Fran lived in Northern Virginia (outside of Washington, DC) where I worked for 30 years as a forest and wildlife conservation advocate in Washington, D.C.

Fran has worked for the Sierra Club for 4 years and for the National Wildlife Federation and other conservation groups before that. Her work has taken her all over the country, where she worked with diverse local allies and partners to promote the protection and stewardship of many of our nation's wonderful national forests and BLM areas. She is thrilled to call the Eastern Sierra home now.

In the DC area, Fran was a volunteer tutor for at-risk youth as well as a volunteer visitor, with her dog Patches, at the local nursing home. She has also been an active board member of a number of national and state-level organizations, including the Cacapon and Lost Rivers Land Trust, West Virginia's largest land trust.

Fran Hunt’s first experience with Rotary was at Earth Day in Bishop Park. She was impressed with the display of the great work that Rotary does, locally and internationally. Fran said, “I started attending the meetings this fall and was immediately struck by all the good projects - and good humor - of the Sunrise Club. “

Bishop Sunrise Rotary would like to extend an invitation to locals to come speak about your business or projects. "We need to assume leadership for building strong clubs, and that starts with bringing in new members," said Ramona Delmas. If you’d like more information, please visit www.bishopsunriserotary.org.

Art & Craft Classes taught by Deborah Lowgren

Art & Craft Classes

Seed pod & pine cone wreaths & corn husk dolls - Thursday November 20th at JKB
Use fall leaves, small pine cones and seed pods to make a holiday seed pod and pine cone wreath. Learn to make traditional Corn Husk Dolls to be used as holiday decorations. $12.50 tuition also covers supplies and equipment.

Holiday cards, gift tags, wrapping paper & ornament – Thursday December 4th at JKB
Learn basic painting & drawing techniques for creating your own cards, gift wrap and holiday ornament. $12.50 tuition includes supplies and equipment needed for use in class.

Introduction to basic Silk Painting - Thursday December 11th JKB
Basic introductory silk painting techniques will be demonstrated and used by students to make a small silk wall hanging. $12.50 tuition also covers all supplies and equipment for use during the class.

Papier Mache dragon figures animals, or people - Thursday January 15th JKB
First session of a two session class covers techniques for creating basic frame construction and applying first coat of papier mache covering to the frame. $12.50 covers supplies and equipment needed for use during the class.

Mask Making – Thursday January 22nd JKB
First session of a two session class covers techniques for creating masks using either gauze & plaster or paper mache. $15.00 tuition also covers supplies and equipment needed for use during the class.

Painting and decorating Papier Mache or Mask projects – Thursday January 29th JKB
This class is the second session for both the papier mache and mask making classes. $12.50 tuition also covers supplies and equipment needed for use during the class.

Valentine Making - Thursday February 5th JKB
Use painting, drawing and collage skills to create original valentines $12.50 tuition also covers the cost of supplies and equipment needed for use during the class.

What’s Your Story – Thursday February 12th at JKB
Explore simple painting techniques and collage, as a way of getting started illustrating your own simple stories, journals, poems, children’s books and scrapbooks. $12.50 tuition includes supplies and equipment for use during the class.

Comparative Drawing Techniques & Mediums - Thursday February 26th at JKB
Learn Basic drawing techniques while exploring different drawing mediums such as; pastels, colored pencils, crayons and colored felt pens. $12.50 tuition includes supplies & equipment for use during the class.

Exploring right brain drawing techniques – Thursday March 12th at JKB
Experiment with right brain drawing techniques while using a variety of drawing mediums. $12.50 tuition includes supplies & equipment for use during the class.

Simple Portrait drawing - Thursday March 19th at JKB
Learn basic portrait drawing techniques and proportions to use in creating a simple portrait. $12.50 tuition includes supplies & equipment for use during the class.

Simple Figure drawing – Thursday March 26 th at JKB
Learn basic figure drawing techniques and proportions to use in creating a simple figure drawing. $12.50 tuition includes supplies & equipment for use during the class

Comparative Painting Techniques & Mediums – Thursday April 2nd at JKB
Basic painting techniques will be demonstrated while comparing paint mediums such as tempura, watercolor and acrylic paints. $12.50 tuition includes all supplies & equipment for use during the class

Georgia O’Keefe Art – Thursday April 16th at JKB
Students will be introduced to the art of this famous American artist, and then will be influenced to create their own art using acrylic paints and similar subjects such as desert landscapes and large format flowers. $12.50 tuition includes all supplies and equipment for use during the class.

Questions: (760) 937-0409 or 760-872-4566

ToptoTop: Mt Whitney to Death Valley

‘From the Highest, Coldest point to the Lowest, Hottest’ Expedition arrive at Badwater Basin Death Valley

TOPtoTOP Global Climate Expedition under the patronage of United Nations Environment Program has arrived at Badwater Basin, Death Valley, California, after completing the Clean Up Expedition from TOP of the North American continent, Denali to the BOTTOM, Death Valley. Marking the first time in history that people have travelled from the highest point to the lowest, using just wind and human power – visiting schools and all climates along the way.

In spring earlier this year, the expedition summited Mount Denali. Aside from their goal; to climb the TOP of North America, from Sea level, they offered free presentations to schools to inspire students to protect the planet. In doing so, they motivated classrooms across Alaska and cleared an amazing amount of garbage from our seas and coastlines.

From Denali, the team made their way back to the expedition sailboat ‘Pachamama’ in Whittier, Alaska, sailing then down to San Francisco. On the 9th October, the expedition left Pier 39 and have been cycling over the past 6 weeks to Badwater basin, passing through Yosemite, Mammoth, Bishop, Lone Pine and the summit of Mount Whitney. Along the way the expedition have stopped off at schools, giving inspiring talks and presentations. On the 9th November the expedition also summited the highest TOP in the lower 48 states, Mount Whitney, performing a clean up. The two eldest children of Dario and Sabine, Salina (9) and Andre (8) were amongst those making it to the summit, the youngest to ever climb Whitney coming from the ocean under their own steam.

The cycle alone has brought the expedition over 1,300km on bike, climbing a total 35,400 feet (thats 1.2 x the height of Everest) taking them through all climate zones

From Badwater, the expedition will now continue visiting schools in Nevada, Utah and the south of California before heading back to the sailboat in the spring.

The expedition will then cross the North Pacific via Hawaii and Micronesia to Japan, before entering the Bering Sea to the Arctic, through the North West Passage and on to Greenland and New York. This section of the global adventure will be completed by climbing Mt Vinson – Antarctica in 2016/17.

The expedition will achieve a world record, by being the first to travel all climate zones - over the seven seas to the seven summits - using only Nature’s Power. They do this in order to set an example of what can be done to live in harmony with our environment, sharing collected climate solutions with students along the way.

The TOPtoTOP expedition has so far climbed from “Sea to TOP” the highest TOP measured from sea level: Everest - Nepal, the highest TOP measured from the center of the earth: Chimborazzo - Ecuador, and last year climbed the highest peak measured from the sea-floor: Mauna Kea in Hawaii!

Spellbinder Books: Book Signing R. Jefferson Parker

Book Signing

Meet Bestselling Author T. Jefferson Parker! Jeff’s mysteries regularly hit the LA Times Bestseller list – here’s a little of the buzz on his newest book, Full Measure:

“Compelling.” -T.C. Boyle …

“A Great American Book…” -Luis Alberto Urrea

“Stunning” -Lisa See

“In the same league as John Steinbeck” -Stephen Harrigan.

Join us for a reception, and to hear Jeff talk about his new book.
When: Mon., Nov. 24 (6-8pm) 
Spellbinder Books, Bishop, CA

Gamer Baseball: Black Friday Baseball and Softball Clinic


Drop off the kids for some baseball or softball hitting while you go take care of some holiday shopping!

WHEN: Friday, November, 28th, 2014 (9:00 am-1:30 pm)
WHERE: Battle Born Training Center (4974 Joule St) Reno, NV
WHO: All baseball & softball players age 7-13
COST: $50.00 per player ($40.00 per additional sibling)

Baseball players register now by clicking HERE!
Softball players register now by clicking HERE!


Are you going to be around during the winter break? Bring your player in for some baseball practice and fun games and contests!

DATES: January 5th - 9th, 2015
WHERE: Battle Born Training Center (4974 Joule St) Reno,NV
WHO: All players age 7-12 TIME: 9:00 am-12:00 pm Daily (Extended Care from 12:00-3:00)
COST: $150.00 per player ($125.00 per additional sibling) *Add $25 for the Extended Care
Registration open soon!

If you have any questions you can call Todd at 775.997.9541 or simply reply to this email.