Mule Days: Percheron Thunder are Back!

It's a question Bishop Mule Days gets all the time: When, oh when, are those beautiful black horses coming back to Mule Days?

Well, your persistence has paid off.

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Mountain Rambler: Kitchen Open

Mountain Rambler Restaurant OPEN for business, have you tried it?

Menu Below is our restaurant menu as of 12/19/14. Prices and availability subject to change.
V = Vegetarian Recipe
GF = Gluten Free Recipe

All products are prepared in a kitchen that is used for meat, gluten, nuts, and dairy. If you have specific food allergies, please inquire at the time of order about option.


  • EMPANADAS stuffed w/ butternut squash, sage and cheddar (V) $3
  • ROASTED BEET HUMMUS garbanzo beans, beets, tahini, spices. served with seasonal veggie spears and pita chips (V) $6
  • SEASONED FRIES basket of fries w/ house dipping sauces (garlic mayo, homemade dijon, oregano ketchup) (V) $3
  • PARMESAN POLENTA TOTS w/ pesto mayo (GF) (V) $5


  • CURRY CHICKEN SALAD SLIDERS roasted free-range chicken salad w/ raisins, celery, and onion and garnished with strips of roasted red peppers. $7.5
  • SIDE OF HOMEMADE SAUERKRAUT regular $2 apple-bacon $3
  • MAINS FALAFEL w/ tzatziki sauce and served with warm homemade pita, assorted house-pickled veggies and a bed of lettuce (V) $10
  • BURGER local, grass-fed beef served on ciabatta with lettuce, tomato, onion and rambler pickles. SIMPLE $8 -or- WITH CHEESE $8.75 your choice of cheddar, swiss or goat cheese
  • RAMBLER STYLE $10 bacon, grilled onions, roasted green chiles and cheddar ***Add half an avocado for $1.50
  • BRATWURST locally crafted brat served w/ two types of homemade sauerkraut (classic and apple bacon kraut) & Mountain Rambler dijon mustard. (GF) $9 -Your choice of classic bratwurst or spicy cajun-
  • TEMPEH REUBEN SANDWICH our twist on a classic Reuben. Grilled California-made tempeh (a fermented-soy patty), our classic sauerkraut, swiss cheese and thousand island dressing on Great Basin sourdough rye. (V) $10 – Add bacon for $2
  • TACOS your choice of chile-beer marinated pork or tempeh, along with purple jalapeno coleslaw, black bean, queso fresco, and cilantro-lime sour cream, all on our homemade tortillas. $8
  • ADD FRIES to any entrée for $2
  • ADD AVOCADO to any entrée for $1.50


  • SIMPLE baby greens, grated carrots and toasted sunflower seeds & cherry tomatoes when available). yogurt ranch dressing on the side. $5
  • RUSTIC baby greens, radish, cherry tomatoes, hard boiled local egg, shaved parmesan cheese, toasted pepitas and fresh basil. House vinaigrette on the side. $7
  • GREENS arugula, apple or pear slices, avocado, goat cheese, roasted beets and garnished with house-pickled hop shoots from Banner Springs Farm. Tamari dijon dressing on the side $8
  • *ADD FREE_RANGE GRILLED CHICKEN to make it a meal. $3 or
  • TEMPEH for $4


  • APPLE PIE – made in our own kitchen. $5 add ice cream for $1
  • ICE CREAM Vanilla, chocolate or homemade pumpkin $4

Mountain Rambler
Restaurant Hours: Tues. - Sun. (4:30pm-9pm)

Phone: (760) 258-1348 

KIBS/KBOV: Inyo Supervisors approve 7 AT Routes

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FOI: Crater Mountain Hike

Looking for a winter hike? South of Bishop some twenty miles at the north end of the Big Pine Volcanic Field sits Crater Mountain. This Wilderness Study Area offers spectacular views of the Sierra and Inyo Mountains. We'll have a good chance of seeing Tule Elk and many prehistoric cultural sites.

To get to the hiking location take the Glacier Lodge Road in Big Pine and go just under 2.5 miles to the McMurry Meadows road – a signed, graded dirt road where all but the lowest clearance vehicles will be fine. Here take a sharp left and go 3 miles to a pull-out on the east side of the road which is the closest approach to Crater Mountain. Bring hiking shoes, sun protection, water and lunch. Plan to return to vehicles by 3pm.

When: Sat., Jan. 24
(9am) Big Pine Tree at junction 395 and 168
Click here for Friends of the Inyo website.

LA Times: BEST IN THE US - Coppertop BBQ

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